The mighty Missouri is the longest river in North America.  From its headwaters in Three Forks, Montana, “The Mo” flows north through several towns including the state’s capital, Helena, and a series of dams and reservoirs.  The classic tailwater stretch of the Missouri lies below Holter dam near Wolf Creek and Craig, Montana.  Some people call this river “The Ditch” because it is so big and wide.  But don’t let its flattering nickname and lazy flows fool you, the Missouri is a serious fish factory.  Most years the upper river fish counts average in 5-6000 trout per mile range, the majority of which are in the 16″-18″ class.  The spring season offers some excellent dry fly fishing, and nymphing will always keep the rods bent during the day.  Streamers shine on the right days and the Missouri is a great place to thrown spey and switch rods.  Especially in the winter time.